Drew Love (who refers to himself as the Trap Bobby Brown) and Dante Jones, the bad boy heartthrobs of R&B duo THEY., are the types of dudes our fathers warned us about. When they first emerged on the scene, the pair were represented by a hyena graphic — there were no faces to associate with the grunge-y R&B (their 2017 LP was actually named Nu Religion: Hyena), and the mystery only fanned the fire. Who were these guys that sounded like a cross between Bryson Tiller and Kurt Cobain?

Songs such as "Back It Up" and "Bad Habits" presented a motley crew of sound that at times felt purely R&B, but denied any hint of soul in its productions. Instead, Drew and Dante traded in modern expectations of the genre in for the dragging, heavy guitars of 1980s alternative rock. As artists, THEY. refuses the confines of what R&B is, what rock is and what hip-hop is: It's a canvas procured from early-2000s adolescences, when a mixture of TRL and BET's 106 & Park was the regular daily dosage of pop culture.

Social Hall SF
March 13, 2018
8pm, $20