Don't mistake Taylor Bennett's baby face and sincere sensibilities for that of his older brother (a Chicago rapper named Chance). The 21-year-old's rapport skyrocketed after releasing Restoration of an American Idol last February, the strength of his debut measured by the number of sold out shows that followed, including his first visit to Brick & Mortar in the Mission.

There's tons about Taylor that can easily be relayed to his brother's influence — the nasally rap-singing, a penchant for soulful tones, realizations of life's truths and proclamations to do right — but whether fostered by nature or nurture, Taylor has his own trajectory in music. At some moments he projects the Chicago elders — in his latest song, "Only Difference" with Bianca Shaw, inklings of early Common arrive to mind — and others, Taylor stands alone, his own beam casting far from his brother's shadow.

Taylor Bennett
Social Hall SF
March 23, 2018
8pm, $20