Balanced Breakfast app
If you’ve been around the Bay Area music scene for a while, chances are high you’ve heard of Balanced Breakfast. Started here in San Francisco, Balanced Breakfast is a music industry meetup group that brings together all arms of the local music scene over breakfast or brunch. Musicians, managers, promoters, and writers all come together — ideally before noon, hence the name — and talk shop. Since its inception in 2013, they’ve expanded to various locales across the country and world, like Seattle, Austin, Toronto, and even Bogotá.

Now in nearly their fifth year, they’re taking things online with the Balanced Breakfast app, an in-your-pocket directory of local and national independent music scenes. In-person meetings are still the lifeblood of Blanaced Breakfast, but organizers also recognize that leisurely meetings aren’t always convenient for industry professionals. With the app, you can browse members of your own Balanced Breakfast group, or explore out-of-area connections for touring needs. You can also filter by a bunch of different attributes: location, instrument, or degrees of Kevin Bacon (close friend, friend of friend, etc.) The best part is you can do it all from the comfort of your couch, and and you don’t have to get up before 8am, either.

The Balanced Breakfast app is live for both iOS and Android. Download them here and here.