The Dear Hunter
Providence, Rhode Island might be the most oft-overlooked contender in the American music scene. The hardest state to color in on your grade-school map has birthed a surprising number of notable music projects, and its capitol is responsible for a large percentage: Deer Tick, The Body, Les Savy Fav, and more recently, Downtown Boys have all come from or passed through Providence.

One of the bands with the most staying power is The Dear Hunter (a name that, as you probably guessed, is a play on the De Niro/Walken classic). Formed when lead singer and songwriter Casey Crescenzo was in his final years with Massachusetts band The Receiving End of Sirens, his early stabs at solo songwriting contained the bitterness and anger that comes from anticipating a band breakup. As time went on, that discontent was massaged into a harmonic, but still unpredictable, sound that's stuck around since his first record in 2006. Now six strong, the Dear Hunter's taste for melodic instability makes for a live show that's full of surprises.

There's something about Crescenzo's songwriting that inspires adoration in fans, too. The Dear Hunter's Wikipedia page has sections, sub-sections, and visual aids, and there's a fairly active Reddit community that collects music video theories, set list dissection, and tattoos. You know your fans are serious when they start getting tattoos of your lyrics.

Rootsy locals The Family Crest open. Stay warm this winter with The UC and the expertly-channeled energy of The Dear Hunter.

The Dear Hunter, The Family Crest, Vava
The UC Theatre
December 1, 2017
8pm, $27.50