Kai Killion, Getaway Dogs, most recently was featured at Streetlight Records as a part of Santa Cruz Music Festival 2017.
Kai Killion, Getaway Dogs, performs at Streetlight Records during Santa Cruz Music Festival on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

The catalog of mellow beach tunes from Santa Cruz indie favorite Getaway Dogs grows by one today with the surprise release of the new single "Salty Water" for free on Bandcamp.

An older tune that was slated to appear on and later cut from the groups' full length debut, Lost In The Ebb, "Salty Water" is a fluid fingerpicking folk tune with a high, yet reserved, energy.

Originally written as an ode to his classic folk heroes and their tales of torment, the track was demoed and eventually left on the cutting room floor for two reasons, according to songwriter Kai Killion.

"First is we just had too many songs," said Killion. "Second, since it was pretty difficult for me to let any go, including "Salty Water," I ended up picking that track because it felt the most out of place within the context of Lost in the Ebb as a concept album."

Even if "Salty Water" feels out of place on Ebb, there is no question that it carries a weight vital to the base sound that Getaway Dogs builds upon as a whole and their unique meshing of the relaxing swell of the tide with a latent intensity.

"After putting out the record it didn't feel right to leave the song unfinished so we returned to work on the raw mix over the last couple of months, and chose to release it as a free single for people who like what we're doing and are interested in hearing more," Killion explained. "It's not exactly the direction I'm taking Getaway Dogs in, though an important aspect of what makes the sound what it is."