Thanks to the magic of stats, we know a lot of our readers are indie musicians. We also know a perennial problem in the independent music industry is finding great bands for support on a bill — bands that mesh well with you — not just in personality, but in sound, in draw, and in experience level, too.

If you are a musician looking to hit the road and play with similar acts in new towns or you’re looking for a fresh sound one of your local bills, there’s a new platform to check out.

Introducing, a place where bands and artists can connect with other bands and artists with of aim of playing shows together. Here's how it works: Two bands from two different cities meet via the magic of the site's matching abilities. Then, each takes a turn hosting the other at a show on their home turf. This encourages bands that might not otherwise travel beyond their local circuit to do so, and helps expose them to new audiences that might not get the chance to experience them live. connects bands based on geography, style, and experience, to minimize the chances of audiences being bored or confused during your ShowTrade-met mate's set.

Musicians are using to trade shows right now — click the red button to sign up at