ALO at The Fillmore, by Joshua Huver
ALO (photo: Joshua Huver)

The 11th Tour D' Amour, an annual month-long West Coast tour that takes place every February curated by Bay Area favorite ALO, concluded on Saturday, February 25 — the second night of a two-night residency at The Fillmore.

Each night was themed and largely adhered to by both the fans and the band up on the stage. While Friday was a classier touch of roses and clover, on Saturday, sparkling glitter and sequined everything lit the dance floor up, including several instances throughout the show where confetti cannons were used to blast rose petals onto the stage and the front of the audience.

Saturday also saw special guests Jennifer Hartswick, the trumpet player in the Trey Anastasio Band, on the stage for a take on "Piece of My Heart" (originally by Janis Joplin) in the first set, before her two-set show across the street at The Boom Boom Room.

In the second set, keyboardist Zach Gill revealed to the audience, many of whom had seen several Tour D'Amour shows this month, that he had been holding back. "I was saving all of my energy all tour long," he joked. "I'm spending it all tonight!"

Highlights of the set included guitarist Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz climbing onto the tall speaker stack for an extended solo during "Feel It," complete with a high-flying leap back to the floor.

ALO at The Fillmore, by Joshua Huver

"Cowboys and Chorus Girls" featured a dark and ominous intro that eventually exploded into an all-out dance party. In the middle of the action, Gill improvised a dedication to bassist Steve Adams, singing about what it's like to go on a road trip with Steve.

"If you're lucky enough to go on a road trip with Steve," the lyrics went, "He'll organize all of your CDs."

A fifteen minute "Shapeshifter" followed. For the end of the set, ALO welcomed opening band Twiddle onstage for an eight-person take on "Welcome To Your BBQ", an ALO original that Twiddle has been covering for years at their own show. Watch fan captured video below:

The next chapter of 2017 will see March carry the band into the Pacific Northwest for a trio of dates between Seattle and Portland with the high-energy Portland-based act Rabbit Wilde.