mood chart

This year's Noise Pop is not only one of the biggest (which is only reasonable, because it is the 25th anniversary), but it's also one of the most conflicting lineups ever. So this is a guide for the people who really like to focus on their emotions, maybe have a badge, or are just unsure of which shows they can and should go to. There are so many different options you can take, whether it's going to a great and diverse lineup of local bands or a lineup curated around a few out-of-towners. From old favorites to very new artists who are skyrocketing beyond anything we'd ever expect of them, Noise Pop has once again put together a lineup that you will regret if you miss.

But sometimes, our moods control our actions, and sometimes it's OK to listen to them (unless you're a murderer). So here I am to present to you the first ever Noise Pop Mood Chart.


Is the world throwing everything it could possibly ever throw at you all at once and really you just wanna dance that stress out, surrounded by other people who are probably feeling the need for the same kind of overactivity?

Wed. Feb 22: Diet Cig, Plush, joyride!, Shutups  at Brick & Mortar Music Hall SF 18+

Not only are all of these my favorite bands, but nothing will beat that time in 2015 when I saw Diet Cig in LA, danced my feet off, and made everyone around me dance just as hard. There’s something so powerful and pure about how Diet Cig can make you feel free, even if you’re feeling a little all over the place. Diet Cig lets you take that energy and just dance it off. Also,this show is apparently not sold out. Yet.

Wed. Feb 22: Kelis, Rayana Jay, Cellus at 1015 Folsom

OK, who else semi-screeched when they saw this lineup? Like, come on! Kelis, the artist that made me overthink my lack of boobs in middle school, without realizing I was doing that until my late teens. Also, Rayana Jay is definitely one of my favorite local MCs right now, and not an artist you should sleep on. You will dance.

Thu. Feb 23: PWR BTTM, Chaos Chaos, SOAR, The Total Bettys at Starline Social Club

This show is sold out, so the only way you can get in is if you know somebody, already bought tickets, or have a badge, but if I were you, I would try to find my way in. Not only has every PWR BTTM show I've ever been to become a safe space when I needed one the most, but I have hung out with members of SOAR and The Total Bettys at those shows. Also, SOAR and The Total Bettys are two of my favorite go-to local bands with the kindest people. Also, have you seen the new PWR BTTM video? That's basically what a PWR BTTM show is like. Don't worry if you can't make it to this show though, they're coming back in May.


This is different from stressed — this is you not really wanting to go out, this is you needing something to calm you down. This is you wanted to be relaxed and wanting to just stand in the corner and exist.

Wed. Feb 22: Julia Holter (Solo), Midnight Sister, Madeline Kenney, Doncat at Swedish American Hall

Thu. Feb 23: Julien Baker, Miserable, Bobey at Great American Music Hall

Go here if you need a good cry, trust me, my goodness. I am crying to Julien Baker right now.

Fri. Feb 24 Mothers, Magic Trick,Crush, Boy Scouts at Brick & Mortar

Mothers will also probably make you cry. Crush will make you dance a lil bit, and then you will get a crush on Boy Scouts. I am telling you your future.


You're a little too bummed and way not overjoyed, but really all you need a good variety bands that are a little sad, a little mad, and little catchy.

Mon. Feb 20: Cloud Nothings, Itsaca, Never Young, Kid Trails at The Independent

Wed. Feb 22: Uniform, Black Marble, Mall Walk, Blank Square at Starline Social Club

Wed. Feb 22: Badbadnotgood, Hodgy, London O'Connor at The Catalyst

One of the only shows south of SF, featuring ODD FUTURE artist Hodgy. Just like many who are connected to that scene, Hodgy infuses his obvious talent with socially powered lyrics, and melodies that get stuck in your head after one listen.


I feel like if you're feeling active, you should probably go to the gym, not a concert...? Don't give up on your New Year's Resolutions just yet.


You're doing pretty OK, your feelings are at ease, and you want this calmness to keep going. It's as though maybe recently you were feeling a little unsettled or overactive, and finally you've found peace in the moment. It's a good feeling and you really are not ready to let go of it, and you don't have to.

Tue. Feb 21; An Evening with Dawes at The Fillmore

I’ve seen this band open for Conor Oberst so I am relaxed to see that they are now playing sold out all-ages shows.

Wed. Feb 22: Down Dirty Shake, Healing Potpourri, Ryan Wong at Bender’s for Free

Three local smooth jammers brought to you for free by Noise Pop and Sea Witch. Oh also by the way, Ryan Wong is the lead singer of Cool Ghouls' solo project under his own name.

Sat. Feb 25; Adia Victoria, Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue, AHSA-TI NU, Pumpkin at Bottom of the Hill

This is one of the more interesting lineups, because each opener brings you perfectly to Adia Victoria's unbelievable goth jazz. Also, Pumpkin is my favorite band.


Are feeling a little gooey? Has the Valentine's Day hype left you loving yourself and feeling the need to just be around people who will accept you? Do you wanna hold your own damn hand because you're just so cute?

Tue. Feb 21: Hazel English, Elsa y Elmar, Tanukichan, Maggie y/o

OK. One, I totally love and am devoted to the career of Hazel English, but for me the most lovable and darling reason to go to this show is Elsa y Elmar. Her music is soft, catchy, and, if you don't understand Spanish, about being kind to yourself. This lineup is all bands that just make me happy to be alive.

Fri. Feb 24: Los Campesinos!, Crying, No Vacation, The Y Axes at the Great American Music Hall

Los Campesinos! has been one of my favorite bands since I was 15 and Crying has been one of my favorite bands for about a year or two. Los Campesinos! are tweecore to the bone, they've got that depreciating gooey sound to them that also makes you feel so much better about yourself. Crying has a bunch of songs about self-care, self-love, and also in 8-bit. Also, this is my favorite twee cover of all time:


Maybe you're just feeling sentimental, maybe you're in that wonderful mental space where you have a new crush and you wanna take them out and just be with them. Maybe you want to hear songs that pull at your heart strings and make you feel like that little 5-year-old you that still believed in fairy tale romances. Or maybe you just broke with someone, but don't want to give up on the idea of love.

Tue. Feb 21: Weyes Blood, Half Waif, 20 Minute Loop, Young Moon at Swedish American Hall

Thu. Feb 23: Japanese Breakfast, Miya Folick, Dante Elephante, Flying Circles at Rickshaw Stop
All these bands have some sort of romantic touch to them, but the moment you hear "Jane Cum" live is the moment you truly fall in love with Japanese Breakfast. Also sometimes they play a love song about robots, and really I am very down for that.

Sat. Feb 25: Tacocat, Daddy Issues, Lisa Prank, Valley Girls at Starline Social Club

Not only are each of these one of my favorite bands, but they all have this way that me love myself, my friends, my community, and just feel happy in bitterness. Also I hear Valley Girls are going to have some special guests. Also who doesn't love dancing to songs that reference pop culture, periods, and dealing with sexism on the daily? (I like really love Tacocat).