This might be our last Get To Know of the year, so we're gonna make it count. Today, we're bringing you Nyre, a band of BFFs from San Francisco.

The three members have known each other since attending school together as far back as their preschool years. Being the only other people they knew that were interested in making music, they eventually coalesced into a band, as teenagers are wont to do. Though members are now scattered across the region as far south as South City, they remain a San Francisco-centric band, and remain good friends.

Musically, Nyre runs the gamut from Cake-y quirk to shoegazey drone, but it's all built on a foundation of the spaced-out psych that this area damn near invented. Their new EP, out last Friday, is the next logical step from the garage-psych that has taken over this region in the last half-decade or so.

The band is headlining El Rio on December 20. Check them out and send off 2016 with them.

Nyre, Psychic Minds, Pit Stains
El Rio
December 20, 2016
8pm (21+)