Nataly Dawn and Lauren O'Connell at The Chapel, by Joshua HuverNataly Dawn (photo: Joshua Huver)

Last week, Nataly Dawn (one half of the Stanford-born YouTube sensation Pomplamoose) played a loose and highly interactive show at The Chapel in San Francisco.

Joining Dawn was longtime collaborator and friend Lauren O’Connell. Together the pair make up a group called My Terrible Friend, and throughout the show a projector beamed the band's name across the top of the stage.

Last Tuesday night's appearance in SF was part of a small, four-city run along the West Coast. Both of them have new music to share with the world, both individually and collectively. Though Dawn’s latest record, her second solo release, is titled Haze and came out last month, most of her fans in the crowd had already memorized most of the choruses. O’Connell’s new release is slated to be released early next year.

The Native Sibling at The Chapel, by Joshua Huver

The evening began with a haunting opening set from Portland-by-way-of-Santa Cruz duo The Native Sibling. Part of their aesthetic comes from their reserved nature, bright insights and soaring harmonies. In addition to covers like Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain," the brother-sister duo of Ryan and Kaylee Williams also tested new material on the crowd. Check out the debut of their song "Cold Wind" below.

The Native Sibling's eight-song, 40-minute set ended, and about fifteen minutes later Dawn and O'Connell took the stage. They would have gotten straight to business, too, if it weren't for so many plugs and cables to sort out.

After several laughs, the duo got the music started with "For The Record" off of Dawn's latest release. "I promise that I am a much better person than this song makes me sound," Dawn said.

They followed that with classic "Sixteen Tons" before dipping into O'Connell's newest batch of tunes with "Superimposed," a song Dawn claims is either "about me, or global warming."

"When I Decide," a tune from My Terrible Friend's first EP in 2010 came next, followed by the second cut from Haze, titled "Orchid." Leading up to "Professor," one of the most fun and hilariously seductive songs of the evening, Dawn kept the jokes flowing.

Nataly Dawn and Lauren O'Connell at The Chapel, by Joshua Huver

"This is the part of the show where Lauren tunes her banjo for like four days straight," she said. "I hope you brought snacks!"

On stage their chemistry and friendship is obvious, all the way down to an encore of O'Connell's performance of The Beatles' "I've Just Seen A Face" from Dawn's wedding. O'Connell continued to lead the charge with "I Belong To You" from her 2012 album Quitters before they debuted a brand new My Terrible Friend song called "Maybe If You Knew." Check it out below:

The set ended with "Almost Gone," the latest official track from My Terrible Friend released only two weeks ago, and a wonderful rendition of "That Thing You Do."

For the encore, Dawn returned first to perform solo. "Thanks again for coming out guys! I've prepared a two-hour interpretive dance piece for you guys tonight," Dawn said with a wink.

In reality she performed the closing track from Haze, "Amen," before O'Connell returned for another MTF selection from Room For Ghosts. They livened up the room by busting out the Pomplamoose favorites "If You Think You Need Some Lovin'" and "I'll Fly Away." For the final song, Dawn and O'Connell invited The Native Sibling on stage.