Lush is predominantly known for their involvement in crafting melodies and guitars into a genre we know as 'shoegaze'.

Now, 20 years after their first studio recording and live show, they are set to play a series of shows visiting North America, the UK and mainland Europe. One stop on that route? The Warfield in San Francisco on Sunday, April 17.

They developed a stronghold by signing to 4AD in 1989, though they always had a stronger vocals and pop-centric sparkle than the typical shoegaze band. After a successful number of years performing together, their drummer, Chris Acland, hanged himself in October of 1996, ending Lush as it was known. However, given such an ending, now is a chance for Lush to create a new chapter in their lives, while still respecting what has been lost.

“Even now,” says Miki, “it won’t be at all easy knowing Chris won’t be there. We know you can’t recapture what you had before, but hopefully it will be brilliant in a different way. If I think of all best bits of the band, how great it is to play live, and to play your own songs, then there’s an open door you can walk through. I know I’ll regret it if I didn’t.”

In 2001, 4AD released a Lush Best Of, which was named after their 1996 single ‘Ciao!” which in one sense, served as a belated ‘wave goodbye’.

The new change isn't entirely foreign, considering the presence of Chris' old friend Justin Welch, who drummed for Spitfire, Elastica and will be joining the new Lush. “Justin even still has an old snare drum of Chris’,” says Emma. “But Justin can’t replace Chris, he’ll just be doing his own thing.”

While Emma, Miki and Phil have all taken routes with other bands, projects and touring, the timing is perfect for the band who themselves didn’t want to get back together until it felt absolutely right.

After 20 years, they’re back and ready to continue what they started - both in a new and fresh way but with old and familiar sensibilities.

The Warfield
Sunday, April 17
8pm, $38 (all ages)