car seat headrestWill Toledo. Photo by Niffer Calderwood.

Lately I have been staying up late just trying to catch up to all the amazing music being created. I am constantly amazed by new artists, and sometimes even older ones that I barely got into. Music is not dead, music is stronger than ever. Good indie music can still make you go back to that brief moment you didn't have to pay bills and were happy. Car Seat Headrest is one of these indie bands —one that also has a perfect name, since sometimes listening to them feels the same way resting your head on your car seat headrest feels after a hard day at life.

Will Toledo has somehow defeated the part of me that gets annoyed by songs longer than three minutes, and instead has made 14-minute-long songs that feel more like a complete entity than irritating repetition. At times making me forget that I have been listening to the same exact song for seven minutes. Successfully fulfilling multiple feelings and desires without even making me flinch with irritation — which is rare, since most songs I listen to are not even two minutes long. I have become used to quick musical satisfaction, but Car Seat Headrest has become one of the only exceptions.

Gladly, after SXSW many bands decide to tour, leading them to us over here in the Bay Area, who wish we could have been at SXSW (but at least now we get to catch them without calling off a week of work). Car Seat Headrest is playing Rickshaw Stop on March 31, bringing along another band that apparently made many people cry at SXSW: Mothers. Both Mothers and Car Seat Headrest are sharing this night. Neither are opening for either of them. This night is about these two overly talented, emotionally brave, though in all honesty they are just being human. Sharing what it means to feel anything at all. All music can be brave, but that's only because we have all been raised to believe that emotions are weakness. A lot of musicians and artists have been tackling this idea and proving to everyone that's there is nothing weak in feeling. Opening for both of them is the local favorites Summer Peaks.

Car Seat Headrest, Mothers, Summer Peaks
Rickshaw Stop
March 31, 2016
8pm, $14