Odd Hope

Odd Hope, which began as a home recording project of Oakland's Tim Tinderholt, just released their debut vinyl single on Fruits and Flowers Records that is an incredible first taste. "Brave and Olde" is a beautiful, somber tune that should be enjoyed over a lite beer while contemplating what you've done with your life. The B-side, "I'll Follow You Soon" is more upbeat, combining Tinderholt's new-wavey vocals with wonderfully sloppy and jangly pop instrumentation. Listen or purchase the vinyl single right here:

Tinderholt, who describes himself as a "home recording enthusiast" shared his Odd Hope demos with Glenn Donaldson, who runs Fruits and Flowers along with Chris Berry. Unsurprisingly, Berry and Donaldson liked what they heard, and now we thankfully have vinyl. To celebrate, they're throwing a party at the White Horse this Saturday afternoon. And if you're paying attention, you know these early shows at the White Horse are not to be missed. I'd expect this show to follow suit &mdah; details are below.

The Mantles, Expert Alterations, Odd Hope, Rays
The White Horse
February 20, 2016
6pm, $8