NYC duo SOFI TUKKER have only released two singles, "Drinkee" and "Matadora," and they're already on tour opening for The Knocks, signed to Heavyroc Records, and have licensed "Drinkee" to play during an Apple Watch commercial. It's a dizzying combination.

So far, it seems that vocalist Sophie Hawley-Weld and instrumentalist Tucker Halpern create Brazilian folk music worthy of a dance party. "Matadora" was conceptualized off of Brazilian poet Chacal's work and features an Andean string instrument, the charango.

The only show with tickets still up for grabs at The Independent is on Thursday, February 11. I'll be fighting off brutal cold #2 of winter 2016 (someday I'll grow up and remember my annual flu shot...someday), but anyone not quarantined should go stir up a scene on the dance floor at SOFI TUKKER this Thursday.

The Knocks, Cardiknox, SOFI TUKKER
The Independent
Thursday, February 11
8pm, $17, (21+)

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