We're excited to premiere up-and-coming local noise rock group Never Young's latest video for their song "New Villain" from their NY Singles EP. For the video, the band teamed up with Gay Henry, aka Guy Henry Mueller — a drag artist from Guerneville who recently relocated to Minnesota.

As Nik of Never Young told me, the premise for the video came out of a few phone calls:

He lives in Minnesota now so we just bounced around ideas over the phone and he came back with this. He does performance art under the name Gay Henry; lip sync'd drag performances to sound collages.

The video follows a young woman on her bike through the suburbs and into the woods, where she meets a feathery character. The song is another gem from Never Young — the kind of catchy noise rock that they continue to churn out with unrepentant glee. Catchy enough to capture the pop-sensibilities of millennials without sacrificing the static-edge of classic sharpened noise rock.

Watch the premiere below:

You can also catch Never Young with Meat Wave on Thursday, February 11 at Brick and Mortar Music Hall. Or see the band at SXSW where they will be this March (shows TBD). Nik also told me they're currently in the studio recording. You'd do well to keep your ears open for more from Never Young in the near future.

Meat Wave, Never Young, Pity Party
Brick and Mortar Music Hall
February 11, 2016
9pm, $12 all-ages