Photo by Julia Dratel

Photo by Julia Dratel

With show season back in full swing, this weekend holds several intriguing live music options. If you're around The Mission on Sunday, a good bet would be to catch Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux opening for Julia Holter at The Chapel (that is, if you managed to snag tickets before they sold out). The two experimental songwriters are touring the U.S. together.

Fohr's latest album as Circuit des Yeux, In Plain Speech, has been out since May 2015. According to her Bandcamp page, it is her first recording with a full band. The band is comprised of like-minded Chicago musicians including Cooper Crain, Whitney Johnson, Rob Frye, Adam Luksetich, and Kathleen Baird. Fohr's commanding baritone weighs down her fluttering arrangements with dense emotion, as exemplified on her latest single "Do the Dishes" (watch the NSFW official music video below).

Singer-songwriter Julia Holter is set to enchant the Sunday night crowd on the heels of her fourth studio album, Have You In My Wilderness. The Los Angeles based musician is known for her vivid lyrics and playfully meditative ensembles which always seem to blossom into new life as she performs them on stage. Watch the official video for "Silhouette" below.

Julia Holter, Circuit des Yeux
The Chapel
January 31, 2016
9pm, $16-18 (Sold Out)

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