Photo: Revival Tintype

Photo: Revival Tintype

Over two and a half years since their debut full-length, From the Beginning, San Francisco's Scary Little Friends are finally releasing a follow-up tomorrow, Silent Revolution. Luckily, they're letting us share it with you a day early. The album was written over the past year and a half when lead singer Chris Jones says the band was "really starting to gel as a group."

Silent Revolution has its roots in the concept Scary Little Friends developed on their debut - surrounding an amazing singer with solid musicians and catchy songwriting - it also shows progression. "From the Beginning was made before we were really a band," explains Jones. "Silent Revolution is the sound of us learning to play together. Rather than composing these songs from the bottom up we were working out the arrangements in advance and really trying to sound as solid together as possible. It came out a lot more straightforward and aggressive as a result."

Silent Revolution is a bit louder and sonically diverse than From the Beginning (save a great ballad), but it doesn't lose that refreshing, uplifting spirit that is increasingly rare in modern rock and roll. You can stream Silent Revolution below, and purchase it via Randm Records or Bandcamp. A proper San Francisco release show is in the works, but for now you can catch them at The Crepe Palace in Santa Cruz February 19 or The Big Easy in Petaluma February 20.

Scary Little Friends, Sky Country
The Crepe Place (Santa Cruz)
February 19, 2016
9pm, $8