John Travoltage

The debut EP of John Travoltage may be titled Done to Death, but that certainly doesn't make their charmingly familiar brand of power-pop any less catchy. Recalling everything from the heavier side of Cheap Trick to the scrappy '90s pop-punk of Superchunk, this San Francisco-based four-piece delights with their seemingly boundless energy, penchant for loud, bright guitar lines and wry, pointed lyrics.

Single "Buckskin" is the one you'll want to crank--with its charging chorus and boisterous back-beat, it's likely to induce enthusiastic mosh pits at live shows. The accompanying music video emphasizes the band's quirkier side. It's replete with obscure horror movie clips spliced between a live performance, a timely release with Halloween lurking right around the corner.

The Loose, I Am The Albatross, John Travoltage, Joan and the Rivers
Eli's Mile High Club
October 23, 2015
8pm, $7 (21+)