Religious Girls

Reflecting is always a worthwhile exercise, especially when it comes to music scenes and bands. So join us today and listen to a mixtape from The Bay Bridged that went live four years ago featuring only East Bay acts. The track listing is an awesome mix of still-active and retired groups — all of whom will provide some ear-candy for those of us feeling a little nostalgic today.

Here's the text from the 2011 post:

This podcast episode is part mixtape and part mea culpa. Even though our name is The Bay Bridged, we periodically get people calling us out on our SF-centric coverage of Bay Area indie music. In recognition of all of the great music coming from the other side of the Bay, this mix features only East Bay artists — 15 of them — spanning a wide variety of styles and sounds. The collection shows that, just like in SF, there's a diverse batch of talent in Oakland and beyond that's well worth checking out.

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Standard disclaimers here: obviously, this mix is not intended to be comprehensive, and we've omitted a few artists who have been showing up in a lot of our podcasts lately (sorry Shannon and the Clams, tUnE-YarDs, and Bare Wires!).


1. Lumerians - "Atlanta Brook"
2. Man/Miracle - "Don't Waste It"
3. Wax Idols - "All Too Human"
4. The Horns of Happiness - "Light On Our Hands"
5. Religious Girls - "Color Wheel"
6. BEEP - "Robopup (Elephant & Castle Remix)"
7. Forest Floor - "Let It Remind You Every Day"
8. SAFE - "Carolina"
9. Yalls - "Please"
10. HOTTUB - "Lokos Only"
11. Antonionian - "Into The Night"
12. James & Evander - "Turtle Two"
13. Michael James Tapscott - "Sunny California Theme"
14. The Heavenly States - "Model Son"
15. Winter's Fall - "Anyways"

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