Eric and Erica
Photo: Rivkah Beth Medow

Although dreamy pop duo Eric + Erica have left the Bay Area for the lower rents and hotter summers of North Carolina, they remain strongly connected to us - the two met here, formed a band here, became a couple here, and will be both opening for and playing in the band of local favorite Sean Hayes on his upcoming tour. With that in mind we're happy to present your first look at their new video for "Side Pony" off their 7" single, which was released digitally today and will be available in physical form on their upcoming tour.

The video was self-shot and edited by Eric and Erica at a borrowed pool, and the track is subtly upbeat number that fits well within the band's distinctive sound defined by Erica Fink's lead vocals and autoharp and Eric Kuhn's solidly holding down everything else.

Eric + Erica will be making several appearances on local stages in the coming months: first with Michael Musika at that private venue on Valencia September 5, followed by a pair of dates at the Independent with Hayes. You can't go wrong with any of the shows, as Eric + Erica take it up a notch in person. You can catch their adorable sly glances at each other, and Kuhn never misses a note manning the drum machine and keys. Fink, meanwhile, has the ability to captivate a room with her voice. The last time I saw Eric + Erica perform, her singing honestly gave me goosebumps. So yeah, catch them in a small room while you can. Details of their local dates with Hayes are below.

Sean Hayes, Eric + Erica
The Independent
November 13, 2014
8pm, $22

Sean Hayes, Eric + Erica
The Independent
November 14, 2014
9pm, $22