Brass Magic

Brass Magic, as the name suggests, is a band of brass (and woodwind) instruments. However, they aren't what you'd typically expect from a brass band - this isn't New Orleans jazz, polka, or yet another incarnation of Bay Area chamber pop. Based on the few songs I've heard from Brass Magic, they strike me as a possible indie version of Brooklyn instrumentalists Budos Band. On their cover of "Peacebone" and their original "Brassno", you can tell Brass Magic doesn't use their six horns as a gimmick - they all can play, and their grooves quickly suck you in and make you forget that you're listening only to horns and a drummer. Their debut EP will be released October 16 with a pair of live sets at Madrone Art Bar. Listen to "Peacebone" and watch the video for "Brassno" below.

Brass Magic
Madrone Art Bar
October 16, 2013
10PM & 11:30pm (2 sets), FREE