The She's

It's hard to believe the ladies of The SHE's are still teenagers. Yes, teenagers. As in, they are playing a show this summer but also squeezing in graduating from high school. When I was in high school, my friends and I went to the movies every weekend and I wrote for the newspaper--I wasn't playing Noise Pop or shows with Mac Demarco, Surf Club, Girls, and Le Sera!

These ladies of The She's certainly have talent--that classic rock n' roll sound with a lighthearted beach-y feel and playing shows around the Bay are helping them to really make a name for themselves. Samantha Perez, Hannah Valente, Eva Treadway, and Sinclair Riley are kicking off their summer tour this month with a show at Milk Bar.

The She's released their doo-wop, retro ode to those magical three months of the year, "Then It Starts To Feel Like Summer," to much applause. They are planning a follow-up EP to be put out later this year.

Watch the video for "Running" below!

The She's, Posole, Tango Alpha Tango, The Visibles
Milk Bar
June 13th, 2013
8pm, $7