Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco will be bringing his faded guitar flares to San Francisco next week. Upon dropping 2, the full-length follow-up to the Rock and Roll Night Club EP, DeMarco received critical acclaim for the album's lyrical depth and jangly guitar-pop.  DeMarco's dreamy voice sings of the kind of discontent and boredom only known to suburban teenagers (we were all there at some point--this writer included), and his lyrics show that he knows all too well the ups-and-downs of being an insightful kid trying to make sense of the whole damn world. Where 2 pops are songs with unforgettable guitar riffs, like "Ode to Viceroy," a gloriously simple love letter to cigarettes.

Signed to Captured Tracks, DeMarco has made quite a splash this year -- unsurprisingly, Wednesday's Rickshaw Stop show is already sold out! (Ed. note: he also supported Phoenix at their sold-out Independent show last night, and he's headlining a free, all ages show at SFSU's The Depot on Thursday, April 4th.)

Mac DeMarco, Trails and Ways, Cocktails, Calvin Love
Rickshaw Stop
April 3, 2013
8pm, $12

Mac DeMarco, Calvin Love, The She's, Sheepeaters
The Depot at SFSU
April 4, 2013
6pm, Free, All Ages