• The Wrong Words recently performed a live set on WFMU, which you can download for free.
  • Well, shit. WHY? and Serengeti just cancelled their tour. Have you listened to the latter’s Family & Friends yet? It’s really strong.
  • Not new but still reliably great: Hemlock booker Tony Bedard’s journey through the world of horrible press releases as @Folder_Rock is full of humor, sadness, and sadness-derived humor.
  • Local folk-rock band Foolproof Four are releasing their debut LP, Apples of Our Allegiance, Saturday night at Amnesia. The night before, they’ll be serving on the music side of the music and comedy showcase Snob Theater.
  • My Second Surprise’s Ayal Nistor is celebrating his birthday with a show Saturday at the Make-Out Room. The band will be giving away copies of MSS’s Time to Move On to all attendees.
  • bring the sunshine by mysecondsurprise

  • Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to a ton of Velvets and Transformer lately, but this Metallica and Lou Reed thing is a real bummer. This 30-second snippet is just as grating as anything on Metal Machine Music.
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