Rank/Xerox - S/T LP - A1 - Sterile Regions by ROS RECORDS

SF post-punk band Rank/Xerox just released its first LP on Make-A-Mess Records. The Rank/Xerox 12" was recorded by Eric Bauer and Ty Segall "in a Chinatown dungeon," and includes the jagged, nervy cuts posted above and below.

Rank/Xerox - S/T LP - A3 - Nausea by ROS RECORDS

Rank/Xerox performs at the Hemlock Tavern on September 17th (9:30pm, $7), with Kitchen's Floor (Australia), Fat History Month (Boston), and Yi. Listen to one more song from the 12", plus the band's prior 7", below.

Rank/Xerox - S/T LP - B3 - You Might Follow by ROS RECORDS

Rank/Xerox - First 7" by ROS RECORDS