Tim Cohen

Mixtape: The Many Sides of Tim Cohen (Podcast #238)

Our latest mixtape showcases the many sides of one of San Francisco's best and most prolific musicians, Tim Cohen. Cohen's latest band, The Fresh & Onlys, have been seemingly unstoppable as of late, with a series of terrific singles culminating in the acclaimed Play It Strange. As prolific as The F&Os are, it's insane that the band's released so many great records. This mix reveals that the same principle--quality and quantity--extends to Cohen's other work as well. No matter what sound he's tackled in recent years, from the experimental collage-pop of Window Twins to Cohen's solo psych-folk, he's able to create a multitude of compelling, offbeat tracks. Here's a sampling of Cohen's diverse musical output over the last half-decade.

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1. Tim Cohen - "Haunted Hymns" (from The Two Sides of Tim Cohen)
2. Black Fiction - "I Spread The Disease" (from Ghost Ride)
3. Window Twins - "Maybe It's Time" (from I'm This Tall City)
4. The Fresh & Onlys - "Troubling Vision" (from the "Impending Doom"/"Troubling Vision" 7")
5. Tim Cohen - "Oh, Oh, Oh" (from Laugh Tracks)
6. Black Fiction - "Magic Hands" (from Ghost Ride)
7. The Fresh & Onlys - "Dude's Got A Tender Heart" (from Grey-Eyed Girls)
8. Window Twins - "4th Place" (Unreleased)
9. Feller Quentin - "Slim, Poker Dog of Paintings" (from I Am Not a Monster)
10. The Fresh & Onlys - "Peacock and Wing" (from The Fresh & Onlys)
11. Tim Cohen - "Take Aim Goliath" (from The Two Sides of Tim Cohen)
12. The Fresh & Onlys - "Waterfall" (from Play It Strange)

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