Vibraphone Records showcase 7/22
Thursday, local post-punk/shoegaze label Vibraphone Records celebrates four new releases from Foxtail Somersault, Vir, Astral, and Tomihira at Bottom of the Hill (8pm, $12). About Vibraphone, from their website:

Vibraphone Records is a San Francisco-based record label shining a light on some of the most promising indie, dream-pop and shoegaze artists. The label started in early-2007 with the intent of bringing together talented and diverse artists to forge a singular, identifiable sound. Since it's inception Vibraphone has expanded its roster of like-minded bands who have become an integral part of the Bay Area's diverse music landscape. These 4 new releases encapsulate Vibraphone's current roster of innovative bands taking cues from Dream Pop, Post Punk and Shoegaze.

Foxtail Somersault - "Lullaby"

Bail Out by vir-1

Tomihira - "Memory Metal"

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