and New, Improved Recording are proud to announce our latest New, Improved, LIVE studio session featuring Miles Kurosky joined by his former bandmates from acclaimed indie pop band Beulah. This four-song session features the guys performing songs from Kurosky's debut solo album The Desert of Shallow Effects, last month on Majordomo Records.

Visiting New, Improved Recording to work with Eli Crews, Kurosky was surprised to see some familiar faces at the session. In secret, Crews had gathered the rest of Beulah the evening prior to rehearse Kurosky's album, and the talented folks served ably as the backing band for the session. It had been six long years since all the men of Beulah had taken instruments in the same room -- their farewell hometown show was at the Fillmore in June 2004 -- and the session is reassurance of the lifelong bonds between Kurosky and his former bandmates.

For even more, check out videos and photos from the session and an interview with Miles Kurosky at our New, Improved, LIVE page!

New, Improved, LIVE, featuring: Miles Kurosky (with members of Beulah)

1. "The World Won't Last The Night" (originally from The Desert of Shallow Effects)
[audio:|artists=Miles Kurosky|titles=The World Won't Last The Night]
Download: 160kbps mp3 / 320kbps mp3

2. "Dead Language Blues" (originally from The Desert of Shallow Effects)
[audio:|artists=Miles Kurosky|titles=Dead Language Blues]
Download: 160kbps mp3 / 320kbps mp3

3. "Pink Lips, Black Lungs" (originally from The Desert of Shallow Effects)
[audio:|artists=Miles Kurosky|titles=Pink Lips, Black Lungs]
Download: 160kbps mp3 / 320kbps mp3

4. "Notes From The Polish Underground" (originally from The Desert of Shallow Effects)
[audio:|artists=Miles Kurosky|titles=Notes From The Polish Underground]
Download: 160kbps mp3 / 320kbps mp3

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