A new instrumental project has popped up here in the Bay, and making debuts in less traditional ways. Islay Banks, comprised of members of Jake Mann & the Upper Hand and Sholi, are set to release their debut cassette (that's right, CASSETTE - time to break out the old decks you've kept around for these just-in-case scenarios) via Beehouse Records this spring.

To kick things off, Islay Banks have remixed Jake Mann & the Upper Hand's "Signal Reprise," pulling indie rock into a darker territory that's full of drone and eerie instrumental swells.

Islay Banks will participate in "The Listening Party" at the Queen's Nails Annex this Saturday, January 30th (7-11:00 pm, free), curated by artist Crystal Am Nelson.

Jake Mann & the Upper Hand - "Signal Reprise [Islay Banks remix]