To be honest, this might be old news by now, but it appears as if we've got a little Wavves drama to compete with Pitchfork's. No photos to prove it, sadly, just my word -- and the word of any other kiddo at the Rickshaw this past Sunday night for Wavves and Ganglians.

The summer of lo-fi pop was in full force. It's early on a warm Sunday evening and the Nathan Williams fan club begins to populate the interior, waiting patiently and without buying many drinks, for the two-band bill (Best Coast canceled, didn't feel like driving up from LA, I guess?). Sacramento's eloquent Ganglians commence with an intuitive sense of loud experimental pop, slyly moving into charismatic, jangly folk numbers for an impressive set.



Wavves packed the stagefront with a lot of X'ed hands, all of which were hurled up into the air and pulsing with the deafening blast beats provided by Zach Hill, Wavvess' newest pal on the road. While I know his intent is to support, Hill can't help but take the limelight. He's drenched within two songs in the blood, sweat and tears that is phenomenal percussion, gripping that drum set like he's its life support. The crowd is freaking out, arranging to make room for a haphazard mosh pit that presses the docile observers against the rim.


About two-thirds through the set, a pair of interlocked bodies toss about the stage and I see a young, shirtless body gripped in a headlock by the very large body of a Rickshaw security. Williams stops what he's doing with his guitar and jumps into the mess, and his body language is saying, "f*** authority, brah!" as he attempts to pry the larger body off the youthful one, to no avail. Now, the music is still going, Zach has not missed a beat, but the kid who apparently was possessing a flask has hurled it and himself onto the stage to dance, then runs from the security guard into -- a trap! -- the backstage area. Wavves continues, is hailed for an encore, the show ends, and everyone goes home to finish their homework before the 3-day weekend is over.

Those worrying over the impending future of our local venues in the face of alcohol licensing should know that no arrests were made, but in some regards, we can't help but wait for the months to get colder and the summer of lo-fi pop to end.

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